Two Intriguing Freebies To Start This Weekend

by Matt on October 5, 2012

Why Presidents Win: A Viewer's Guide to the Greatest Show on Earth, 1960-2012Why Presidents Win: A Viewer's Guide to the Greatest Show on Earth, 1960-2012
Hal Hansen
A unique contribution to the study of modern campaigning, Why Presidents Win is an invaluable viewer's guide for anyone watching this year's presidential race and wondering what to expect on election day.

Why do some presidents captivate the nation and become popular and even beloved figures, while other presidents are reviled or forgotten?

Why do some candidates seem to have a special magic with the voters, while other candidates never quite seem at home on the public stage?

It's often said that "politics is theater," but we rarely stop to ramify the full meaning of this phrase. If politics is indeed a theatrical activity, then why don't we study the performances of politicians using the same analytical tools we use to evaluate the performances of actors in a movie or stageplay?

As the finish line for this year's race finally comes into view, and the nation tunes in to the performances of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, what could we learn by comparing them to some of the best (and worst) campaign performances of the last five decades?

A carefully researched argument presented in a lively and engaging style, Why Presidents Win is required reading for any citizen struggling to make sense of this year's election, and wanting something more interesting than conventional political analysis.