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Five More Freebies to Start of the Month

by Alana on March 1, 2013

Murder and Other DistractionsMurder and Other Distractions
Michael Estrin
If you’re wanted for murder, the last thing you should do is smoke a joint, eat a taco, and alienate potential alibis. Then again, Ethan isn’t a very good murder suspect.

Maybe it’s just been a lousy week for him. There are layoffs at the office, poorly written death threats, and a vapid, but alluring coworker sending Ethan mixed signals. The f-buddy who loves to loathe him doesn’t understand that it’s over, and his philosophizing best friend is pretty sure that Ethan’s problem is merely the dreary momentum of the hipster ethos. Or it could be that Ethan’s pot dealer is out of baggies once again.

But the cop who’s after him doesn’t buy any of that bullshit. Despite being lazy and crooked, Boyd is damn good at his job. He’s certain Ethan murdered his ex—The Girl Who Got Away—along with her nobody of a boyfriend. And the more Boyd hounds him for a confession, the more Ethan comes to see the murders as his way out of the existential crisis consuming him. 

Finding Grace—A Transformational JourneyFinding Grace—A Transformational Journey
Kathy Gottberg
Ever wonder what it takes to be uniquely and passionately yourself in a world determined to make you like everyone else?

Grace Martin intends to find out as she stumbles from one life lesson to another. With a peculiar but supportive guide and mentor named Mrs. Pettermint, Grace slowly breaks free of traditional family and religion, and courageously explores life, relationships and various spiritual traditions seeking the answers to life’s big questions. Finally, just when she feels she is close to having it all figured out, her beloved mentor dies leaving her nearly $60 Million Dollars. However the only way to claim that inheritance and find the peace she longs for is for Grace to face the critics of her past, the betrayals of the present, and her doubts for the future.

Finding Grace shows that in today’s world it is possible to be spiritual without being religious. And for many women, the path to grace is often being willing to celebrate ourselves exactly as we already are.

Survivalist by Circumstance - Volume OneSurvivalist by Circumstance - Volume One
Cheryl L. Cholley
Darrell is suffering the effects of the downturn of the American economy. He has been laid off from his job as a stockbroker, and is taking his change in circumstances hard.

Mallory, Darrell's wife, is a nurse at a local hospital in their hometown of San Francisco. Their two children have lived their entire lives in the same home, and love The City.

When Darrell announces that he is considering a move to Santa Fe, his proposal is met with mixed reactions. Mallory is ready to pack up and move immediately. However their two children, Gemma and Preston, are dead set against the move.

I hope you enjoy this first episode in the series. The family finally comes to a decision on the move, but not without input from their zany neighbor Rick.

Because the episodes of this series are short, the price is an easy ninety-nine cents. You can hardly get a cup of coffee for that these days, so be sure to take a chance and give this new series a try. I'm betting I'll hear from you wanting to know when the next episode will arrive.

UPDATE: You may now purchase the first seven Episodes of this series in one single book. On Amazon, search for Survivalist by Circumstance - Novel One. Priced at only $3.99, you can save a few dollars by getting it all at once.


The Unlikely DefendersThe Unlikely Defenders
Scott Haworth
From the author of the popular Dark Moonlighting series:

What do a womanizer, terrorist, disgraced naval officer and convicted sex offender have in common? They are not typically thought of as the good guys. The Unlikely Defenders follows a large cast of characters as they struggle against both an alien invasion and their personal demons.

Through their stories a greater tale is told about an attack on Earth by a species known as the Kessiams. The insects swarm over the entire planet and affect the lives of every human being. Heroes are not enough to defeat the enemy. If humanity is to survive it will need the help of society's outcasts as well.

Time Thief (Anomaly Series Book 1)Time Thief (Anomaly Series Book 1)
Anna Hackett

"A fabulously steamy novella. Time Thief is filled with blood-pumping adrenaline and passion." - Kate, Goodreads review

For a limited time, you can get the Anna Hackett Action Romance Box Set (containing three action-packed romances), free. Visit here to find out more > (paste into your browser)

Bay North wants revenge, no, she craves revenge. Hunted for her psychic ability to steal time and forced to watch her family die, all she wants is to make the crime lord who's taken everything from her pay. But now he's set the ultimate hunter on her trail and Bay will need all her skills just to survive the gray-eyed, hard-bodied man out to kill her.

Ex-Navy SEAL Sean Archer has nothing left but a thirst for vengeance. After his team is killed in Afghanistan by a time thief, he came home a broken man. Now he hunts any of the monsters he can find, ready to rid the world of the dangerous mutation.

But when he finally tracks Bay to Denver, he doesn't see a monster or a mutation, he sees a tough, beautiful survivor who ignites a desire he can't deny. During a shootout, hunter and hunted find themselves thrust into a reluctant alliance that shatters all their defenses. Can Sean convince a woman honed in revenge that they can have more than vengeance, blood and killing?

Note to readers: This fast-paced novella contains a lot of action and adventure (think gunfights, car chases and a little breaking and entering), cool superpowers (stopping time and mind control) and a steamy romance (lots and lots of sexy steam between a muscled former SEAL and a gutsy time thief). It's a little bit paranormal romance, a touch science fiction romance with a side of romantic suspense. So if you like it fast, and fun, and sexy, this is for you!

Includes preview of Book 2 of The Anomaly Series, Mind Raider.

If you like action romance, there are more sexy anomalies for you to enjoy:

Time Thief  - Download for FREE
Mind Raider
Soul Stealer

What readers are saying about the Anomaly Series:

"Fast paced, great characters, hot love. Hackett's heroes are constantly drool-worthy."

"I devoured Time Thief in one sitting and enjoyed reading every page of it."

"Loved reading every minute of Mind Raider and without a doubt, this will be a reread for me."

"As I was reading, this story played out like a movie in my head due to the flawless storytelling and vivid imagery."

"A delicious combination of action and sensuality, which is frankly irresistible."

"This is romantic suspense with high stakes and hot sexiness."

"The elements of danger, suspense, romance and good vs evil were absolutely brilliantly depicted."

"Rich with emotions, a fully developed plot and storyline and memorable characters, Soul Stealer was a fantastic read."

"Read in one sitting, I loved the fast paced, pull no punches action that each page contained. Soul Stealer is full of twists and turns that I didn't see coming. My heart is still racing as I write this!"

"Fans of paranormal/sci-fiction romance need to pick up Salvation along with the rest of the Anomaly Trilogy. Don't miss out!"

About Anna: I'm passionate about all things action romance. I love stories that combine the thrill of falling in love with the excitement of action, danger and adventure. I write about people overcoming unbeatable odds and achieving seemingly impossible goals. I like to believe it's possible for all of us to do the same.

Wedding Music: Secrets For The Ultimate WeddingWedding Music: Secrets For The Ultimate Wedding
David Lieder
Over 100 full-color images! (works on color and B&W Kindles)

Are you getting married? Music is one of the most important and neglected parts of most weddings. Would you like to know the secrets to having music in your wedding? If you said "yes" then this book is for you.

In "Wedding Music: Secrets For The Ultimate Wedding," you will learn many valuable secrets:

* Why music makes your ceremony stable and helps everyone remember their queues
* How to realize your creative ideas
* Secrets to deciding on the music and location
* How to find the best, most reliable musicians
* Why sound systems are extremely important, and the simple way to solve this for your wedding.
* What your exact budget should be for ceremony and reception music
* Outdoors, or indoors?
* What are your options?
* What about microphones?
* Important tips for transportation, as well as music in the limousine.
* And more!!

Plus there are 18 valuable song lists with hundreds of the top songs used in weddings.

This book could very well become your most valuable assett for planning an amazing wedding.

David Lieder brings his experience from over 200 weddings.

Everyone purchasing this book also recieves free access to an online area with song & ceremony worksheets, free links to listen to songs online, free music contracts for your band and DJ, links to buy wedding background tracks, and other recommended books and resources.


Six Fresh Freebies!

by Alana on February 9, 2013

Five, Six ... Grab your Crucifix (Rebekka Franck, Book 3)Five, Six ... Grab your Crucifix (Rebekka Franck, Book 3)
Willow Rose

An enthralling tale from an international bestselling author

It was supposed to be a vacation, but instead reporter Rebekka Franck confronts her most baffling case yet! When a priest’s exorcism goes awry, Rebekka must pick up the pieces and discover the mystery behind an evil force.

Rebekka and Sune are on a vacation in Northern Zeeland when they suddenly find themselves involved in what turns out to be their most horrifying case to this date.

- This is a terrific story, horror, psychological thriller, murder mystery all rolled into one.

Five, Six ... grab your crucifix is a spine-chilling Scandinavian mystery novel from the International Bestselling author Willow Rose. It is the third book in her series about the Danish journalist Rebekka Franck. It is followed by the fourth book in the series: Seven, Eight ... Gotta stay up late.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Windigo SoulWindigo Soul
Robert Brumm
A Death Sentence on Your 60th Birthday is Just the Beginning...

It's Hank Reed's birthday. As a citizen of the United Federation of Nations that means a mandatory death sentence simply because he turned sixty years old. Referred to as "retirement," it's one of the desperate steps the government has taken to curb overpopulation. Retirement is a widely accepted fact of life on a dying planet ruled by a tyrannical government. Hank's execution goes ahead as planned but state sponsored euthanasia isn't what it seems. The Reed family learns what really happens to retirees when secrets the UFN keep from the public start to unravel.

This book is intended to be read by adults and may be unsuitable for children under 17. Contains indecent language and descriptions of graphic violence.

How to Buy Property Overseas For Profit and LifestyleHow to Buy Property Overseas For Profit and Lifestyle
J.R. Bakerson
Inexpensive property…a lower cost of living…better weather…a more laid back lifestyle… it’s easy to see why so many of us are seduced by the idea of buying property overseas.

But what’s the difference between nervous investors who struggle with finding the right properties overseas and successful investors who end up with value-packed investments in lush tropical havens they’re bursting to tell their friends about? It’s certainly not an innate talent, a unique personality or some “secret trick” that’s out of your reach.

No, they’ve just figured out the kind of research they need to be doing when exploring unfamiliar markets. And it’s something you can start tapping into in the next few minutes.

The book gives you a solid roadmap for successful property investing that actually works in foreign markets. It lays out checklists of tasks, step by step guidance and tactics based on over a decade of in-the-trenches experience working in the international real estate sector.

I’ve seen too many buyers assume that local property markets around the world operate in the same way as the market does back home. Yet if you scratch the surface, even a little, you'll often find a very different picture.

So before you jump on an airplane you need to immerse yourself in the “how” of safe and profitable international real estate investing. Otherwise you’re flying
blind and taking risks you don’t need to.

Are you ready?

Blindsided (JM Mystery-thriller series Book 7)Blindsided (JM Mystery-thriller series Book 7)
John Matthews
None can see like the Blind…

Ryan Lorimar and Jessica Werner have a special gift: they can see ‘fallen angel’ apparitions within other people. But as the fallen angels in turn know that they’ve been ‘viewed’, it’s a gift that will get him killed. They need protection. They need to enter ‘Blind School’.

Their only hope is Ellis Kendell and his team of agents. Day in, day out, Kendell’s team trawl through street-cam images from across the nation to pick up that tell-tale eye light-refraction of ‘viewers’. Can Kendell’s team get to the viewers before the fallen angels and get them to safety in ‘Blind School’? But there’s also an added agenda: Kendell’s department want the ‘viewers’ help in tracking down more ‘fallen angels’.

Yet is Kendell deluding himself? Setting this small group of teens against a legion fifty-times their number of the most cunning and vicious murderers and criminal masterminds the nation has to offer – is he simply throwing them to the wolves? Fated to watch them one-by-one die. The odds are against them.


Blindsided reviews:
'An adrenalin-rush, one day read. If you’ve ever wondered what might make mass-murderers and megalomaniacs tick, now you know. Never has the ongoing fight between good and evil been so much fun, or so frighteningly real.’
- Wendy Mellor, Simply Scripts.

‘Harry Potter with attitude. Plumbs into the teen readership that has made Harry Potter and Twilight so popular, but with a wry slant that would also make it appeal to adults. Has ‘kidult’ written all over it.’
- Tom McIntyre, Xanadu Productions.

John Matthews reviews:
‘Matthews maintains the suspense... an engrossing odyssey into the seamy side of a world that is so near, yet sometimes seems so far. Compulsive reading.'
- The Times

'One of the most compelling novels I've read... an ambitious and big novel which will keep you enthralled to its last page.'
- Cork Examiner

'A classy, well-written and unusual thriller.'
- Yorkshire Post

'Matthews delivers one of the best debut thrillers in years, brave, ambitious and remorselessly entertaining. Past Imperfect is a stormer.'
- Dublin Evening Herald

'Move over Grisham, your reign is over! Reminiscent of vintage Grisham, but Matthews has his own distinctive style. Strong, believable characters and a plot that grips from page one and won't let go, twisting and turning its way towards a nail-biting climax - they don't come much better than this. One of the best and most memorable thrillers I've read in years. A winner all the way.'
- Bob Burke. Mystery Readers International.

Distinctively written… all the forceful energy of the best thrillers.
- Kirkus UK.

‘A clever premise for an epic page-turner written with wit, compassion (and) highly evolved characters.
- Daily Telegraph.

‘… A chilling and thrilling novel, one in which real people start to wonder if they are insane, and have to come to terms with a terrifying reality that threatens their own life. Mesmerising.
- Books Monthly


Author's note:

This is a fairly new excursion for me: a YA/urban fantasy adventure that started life as a film script. I was in the middle of a film adaptation for Past Imperfect at the time when a Hollywood Producer showed interest in the concept - so that was the form it first saw life in. So, yes, expect it to see life on the big screen some time 'soon' (see Douglas Adams' ref about 'baking cakes in Hollywood' for that one).

It also might only see limited life as a kindle direct book as it will soon start doing the rounds of publishers through my agent. So look upon this as mainly an ARC opportunity before it gets snapped up as the next Harry Potter or Twilight! :) Then it will disappear for a year before being seen again.

Salary Negotiation Tips: How to Determine What You're Worth and Get It!Salary Negotiation Tips: How to Determine What You're Worth and Get It!
Jake Williamson

Stop Dreaming. Start negotiating!

Ever dream of receiving an additional $5,000, $10,000, or $20,000+ in yearly compensation? I’m sure you have.

Put down your salary calculator and pick up Salary Negotiation Tips!. I’ll teach you proven ways on how to determine your worth, increase it, and get it! I’ll show you how to prove to your company that you’re worth more than they’re paying you and I'll give you the tools that you need to get the compensation that you deserve!

Learn how to:

  • Determine your worth

  • Find a salary range for your position

  • Figure out how much you are costing your company

  • Use leverage to increase your worth and compensation

  • Negotiate with confidence

  • Find the appropriate time to schedule your salary negotiation meeting

  • And most importantly..Get a RAISE!

In Salary Negotiation Tips, I not only show you how to determine what you’re worth and negotiate a higher salary, I also show you how to build the confidence that you need when entering into that all important meeting. Study, plan, prepare, time, and execute your way into a better lifestyle and career!

Start negotiating your salary like a pro. Scroll up and grab a copy today!

Isiah's SkirmishIsiah's Skirmish
Travis Adams Irish
The trials of youth are always difficult, but sometimes fate brings forth every ounce of its fury down upon one soul despite their good intentions. Isiah Tolman embodies a heroic desire to feed the homeless through unconventional means. Unfortunately, the young man has disturbed the lives of a few tortured souls whose desire for retribution and hunger for chaos will send his life into uncharted territory.

Isiah’s Skirmish:

Act I: A wounded mind and disturbed soul are writing journal entries that describe violent acts of passion. Who is writing these journal entries? Isiah and his friends start down a dark, adventurous path. What will become of them with so many players who love carnage?

Act II: Deals are made with dark figures and lines are hastily drawn. When fate spins the wheel, who will come out on top, and who will pay the price? The disturbed soul is yet to be discovered and time grows shorter. Everyone is faced with serious dilemmas that cast foreboding shadows over their futures.

Act III: Lives are forever changed as sinister revelations are exposed and those involved feel themselves compressed by unstoppable forces. As desperate decisions allow ruthless masters to impose their will, enemies are raised to the ground, and the innocence of youth is shed as the predatory nature of the world bares its horrid teeth…


Check Out Today’s Great Free Books!

by Alana on January 27, 2013

Monster Are People Too! Teach Your Young Children to Love and Laugh at MonstersMonster Are People Too! Teach Your Young Children to Love and Laugh at Monsters
Susan Bradley

Parents LOVE Monster Are People Too!

"Love, love, love! The pictures are so cute and the message is so precious! I love this picture book almost as much as my sons do!" ~ Allison Chaney, Mom of Twin Sons

"What a great little children's eBook! For a new writer/illustrator, Susan Bradley hits a home run! I cannot wait for the next book!" ~ Shane Randall

"Never mind my kids; this has become #1 on my children's book favorites list. Awesome job Susan Bradley. Great little picture book!" ~ Tamara Sinclair

About Monster Are People Too!

Somehow, most children develop a fear of monsters. Monsters Are People Too is a great children's ebook for parents who want to send a sweet message while helping alleviate the ridiculous fear that can torment a child! Watch them lose their fear of monsters while learning to see things and people with an open mind and a loving heart.

Snakes - Facts About the Most Polarizing Animals on Earth Plus Videos (Snakes & Reptiles Book 1)Snakes - Facts About the Most Polarizing Animals on Earth Plus Videos (Snakes & Reptiles Book 1)
Mark Farley

Parents LOVE Snakes!

"My son loves reptiles and snakes and he loves this book! For me, it's creepy! He loves to stare at these reptiles and I'm absolutely amazed at how much he's learned. Nice job Mark!" ~ Amy Morrison

"WOW! My boys have hijacked my kindle! They can't seem to get enough of Snakes eBook! Thanks Mark." ~ Stephen Connelly

"The good news is my children love this eBook. The bad news is snakes creep me out! I'm amazed at how the absorb all of the cool facts in this book. Awesome" ~ Sandy Martinez 

About Snakes! A Fascinating Children's eBook About The Most Polarizing Animals on Earth

Kids love Snakes! Teach your kids about dozens of different kinds of snakes from all around the world. From deadly vipers to harmless garden snakes, your child will be a snake expert in no time!

Here's what he or she will learn about:

  • Arizona Black Rattlesnake

  • Black Kingsnake

  • Black Pakistani Cobra

  • Boa Constrictor

  • Boomslang Snake

  • Brown House Snake

  • Bull Snake

  • Burmese Python

  • California Kingsnake

  • Copperhead Snake

  • Coral Snake

  • Corn Snake

  • Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

  • Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

  • Eastern Green Snake

  • Gray Rat Snake

  • Green Boa Snake

  • Green Parrot Snake

  • Green Tree Snake

  • Horned Viper

  • King Cobra

  • Milk Snake

  • Northern Brown Snake

  • Northern Water Snake

  • Paradise Snake

  • Rattle Snake

  • Red Spitting Cobra

  • Royal Python

  • Southern Pacific Rattlesnake

  • Spotted Bush Snake

  • Taiwan Beauty Snake

  • Tiger Snake

  • Yellow Python


Weight Loss Fun, Zombies & A World War II Read

by Alana on December 31, 2012

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Diary of the Displaced - Book 1 - The Journal of James HalldonDiary of the Displaced - Book 1 - The Journal of James Halldon
Glynn James
There is a place where nightmares are real. A dark and terrifying place that is hidden from the world we know, by borders that only the most unfortunate of souls will ever cross.
James Halldon woke up in the dark, alone.
No food. No water. No light. Almost no memories of his past.
Things moved in the darkness around him. Things that growled.
And daytime never seemed to come.
"Of all the places I had to end up, it had to be here."

Readers are calling the DIARY OF THE DISPLACED series:
"A wild ride through a stunning imagination." ... "An epic journey through places best left in darkness." ... "I was hooked in the first few pages." ... "Mysterious, compelling, and brilliantly imagined." ... "Unpredictable with great character development." ... "Great books...enjoyed from first word to last." ... "Unexpectedly excellent!" ... "Very bizarre and imaginative."

If it's dark when you wake up, and you can hear growling, then close your eyes and maybe it will go away.
But maybe it won't.

The Siren of ParisThe Siren of Paris
David LeRoy
Marc Tolbert, the French-born son of a prominent American Family, only dreamt of a new life in Paris as he sailed for France in 1939. Marc joins in the ex-pat scene as his new friend Dora introduces him to a circle that includes the famous Sylvia Beach, owner of the bookstore Shakespeare & Company; and he accepts a job with William Bullitt, US ambassador to France. At art school, he finds himself further enchanted by the alluring model Marie.

A year later, Marc's fiancée flees south with her family, stranded vacationing Americans scramble to escape Paris, and he is soon running with 10 Million other refugees from the advance of the German Army. After Marc is pulled from the sea on June 17th 1940, when the RMS Lancastria sinks, he decides to return to Paris in hopes of reconnecting with other trapped Americans, and his fiancée he lost in the chaos of the fall of France. His smuggling of Allied airman through the American Hospital to the Paris Resistance comes undone as a profound betrayal leads him into the hands of the Gestapo.

Rigorously researched with vibrant historical details, "The Siren of Paris" mines the human dilemma of revenge versus forgiveness. It vividly captures the conflicted state of survival and trauma of the war with details that have haunted the dreams of its readers.