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by Alana on February 14, 2013

5 Gears Diet: Learn how to drive your body5 Gears Diet: Learn how to drive your body
Diana Artene
The Solution to Accelerate Fat Loss the Healthy Way!

If you have always wondered why other diet plans simply do not work, and you have been looking for a diet solution that really lets you lose fat forever, your search can stop right now!
Introducing… 5 Gear Diet, an easy to use and practical guide to help your body navigate to your slimmest self! Learn how to drive your body with 5 Gears Diet!

Imagine having to struggle with tasteless foods, food charts, counting calories, and having to ban those delicious favorite foods… That would turn any diet experience into a nightmare.
There is really no need for all those punishments, as 5 Gear Diet takes a completely different approach to help you find the right exit out of being overweight.

5 Gear Diet will teach you how to start your Fat loss Engine, how to keep it tuned, and it even does not forget to teach you the essentials of keeping your mind in shape, too!
But that is not all, as Diana Artene takes everything out of the closet to educate you well, with only one goal in mind: keeping you slim and healthy!

So Stop for a moment and reflect on what you really want to accomplish… Keep in mind that fat loss is simple, but not easy! Allow Diana Artene to be your navigator in 5 Gears Diet to get the roller coaster working. Let’s Learn How to Drive Your Body, Today!

Becoming Red (The Becoming Novels Book 1)Becoming Red (The Becoming Novels Book 1)
Paula Black, Jess Raven,
‘You got me back. You always said you would.’
Ash DeMorgan, graduate, orphan, ice maiden, has long since consigned the fairytale nightmares of a troubled childhood to the realm of fantastical childish imagination.
Now, lured back to Dublin, the scene of her tragic past, Ash encounters a city pulsing under the dangerous sexual influence of a new street drug the locals call Rave. Nothing is as it seems. Ash is about to discover that her nightmares are real, ancient Irish myths are larger than life and roaming the streets of the medieval city, and she has become the prey in their erotic hunt. A step back into her past is about to become a high adrenaline race for survival.
Connal Savage, outcast, assassin, and living, breathing hunk of ancient mythology, has lived a thousand years servicing a debt of revenge. Dead inside. Until he encounters his boss’s granddaughter, an infuriating woman who threatens to lead him to hell with all his good intentions, who manages to chip away at the hard encrusted defences of a lifetime spent at war and burrow herself deep into a part of him that hasn’t breathed for centuries. He is about to discover that when it comes down to the wire, when you’re bargaining with the Grim Reaper for the life of the one you love, you will do anything...

Book one of The Becoming series. Re-edited and re-published 31st Dec 2013

The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter (Count of Monte Cristo Book 11)The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter (Count of Monte Cristo Book 11)
Holy Ghost Writer

"The Boy Who Played with Dark Matter is a charming tale told in the tradition of A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeline L'Engle. Like young Charles Wallace, who is misunderstood by his teachers and peers, Zeddy finds himself alone and forced to hide as much as possible in front of others. His only friend is a zutterfly made of dark matter, which proves to be a significant clue to finding his father." BookBub

Favorite Fish and Seafood Recipes from the Coast of Maine (Fabulous Comfort Food Series Book 1)Favorite Fish and Seafood Recipes from the Coast of Maine (Fabulous Comfort Food Series Book 1)
Gloria Daniels
I started this seafood cookbook to bring some order to my recipe collection of 50 years. This collection consists of recipes I’ve collected from friends and family over the years. There are recipes I’ve developed myself over the many years of feeding a large family.

Quite a few of these recipes were generously shared by local restaurants, clam shacks and even push carts from the local area and I’ve also added many I’ve collected from our travels around the state. Many of these establishments no longer exist but they live on in our memories because of the wonderful meals that are their legacy.

Fresh seafood, excellently prepared is easy to find in Maine. Many people return year after year drawn here by the memories of our great treasure, Maine seafood. If you’ve visited Maine and would like to recreate some of these meals, you’ll love this book.