There’s a lot of questions that we receive frequently hear at BookDealHunter.com… Hopefully, this FAQ section will help clear up any questions you may have about this site…

Why are these Kindle books free?

There are many reasons that a Kindle book might be free. Some books are far past copyright and are in the public domain. This means they are freely available to everyone. Many classics such as Moby Dick, Alice In Wonderland, and Pride and Prejudice are in the public domain and can be found for free.

Publishers also like to set their books to free on Amazon for a limited time. The free period could be anywhere between 1 and 5 days. They do this to introduce an author to a new audience or to encourage people to download the book and leave reviews. It’s usually an attempt to get the book in to as many hands as possible as quickly as possible.

We never really know what the publisher has arranged. In most cases, if you see a book that you want and it’s free, don’t wait. Grab it immediately. There’s never any indicator of when the book will go back to normal pricing. Many books are only available for free for one day only…

You posted about a free book but it’s not free… What’s up?

Many books are free for just a single day. Some are free for an entire week. We tell you about free books when we discover them. There’s never any telling when the book will go back to normal price. In most cases, we mentioned the book while it was free but the book has since adjusted back to normal. We apologize for any trouble or confusion this may cause but we honestly have no indicators of how long a book will stay free or bargain priced.

I don’t have a Kindle, can I still read these books for free?

Yes. You don’t need a Kindle to access any of the free or bargain books that we mention. You can actually read these books on tablets, smart-phones, and even right on your computer. There’s a free app to read these books for pretty much any platform that you want to read them on. Click here to download a Kindle reader app now.

I have a book published and it’s going to be free soon, will you mention it on your site?

We may be able to mention your book on our site. We receive a ton of requests everyday to promote free books. We sort through the requests and pick out the books that intrigue us the most and have the most favorable reviews. Submit your free book here and we’ll take a look to see if it’s a good fit for the site. Please keep in mind that if you are not a subscriber to our site, you will not be eligible for book promotion. So make sure that you are subscribed before submitting your book.

Will you promote my bargain priced book on your site?

We haven’t begun doing sponsored promotions on our site just yet. We intend to start promoting bargain books in the near future. If you have a book that’s going to be discounted from its normal price in the near future, contact us and we will see if we can work something out. Send an email to books (at) matt3 (dot) com. Tell us about your book and what you propose and we can see if we can make something work.

I’d like to get in to the publishing business, how do I get started?

Glad you asked! Matt Wolfe, one of the creators of this site has a blog over at BusinessAndBlogs.com. The topic of becoming an Amazon publisher is frequently brought up. Check out our “Learn To Publish” page for some recommended blog posts as well as some recommended reading and coursed on the topic of becoming a successful self-publisher.

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