An Inspirational Nonfiction & An Intriguing Thriller

by Alana on February 22, 2013

Deliver: How to Perform Your Best When it Counts the MostDeliver: How to Perform Your Best When it Counts the Most
Josh Matthews-Morgan, Nita Matthews-Morgan,
Have you ever experienced a moment of peak performance? You feel in complete control of yourself. All of your thoughts and actions align in perfect flow to bring you what you want. You feel energy surge through you and clarity sweep through your mind. You feel powerful, like you are handling the task at hand with ease and nothing can stop you. In short, you feel like the best version of yourself.

Drawing on their experience as performance coaches, authors Josh and Dr. Nita Matthews-Morgan have created a guide to reaching this state of peak performance in any moment. Written to help performers in all fields—speakers, athletes, artists, musicians and salespeople—this brief but power-packed guide is like having access to your own personal coach. It was designed to bring you the greatest impact with the fewest words, so that simply reading each concise chapter will help you reach your best performance.

Whoever said big things don’t come in small packages? Read this book. Internalize the words. And watch as you Deliver like you’ve never done before.